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We have 14 direct operation centers and 6 flagship centers in China.

Headquarter Office 

Address: Flat3302, 33/F, New World Wenbo Center, 2005 Lianhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

Telephone: +86-400-000-6069


Beijing Chaoyang Center

Address: F1-2,Unit1, No.5 Building,JiaDuoli Community, No.19 Neighborhoods, Dongsanhuan south road, Chaoyang District,Beijing,China(North to the Exit A Shilihe Subway Station)

Telephone: +86-10-87611118

Postal code: 1004

Shanghai Pudong Center

Address: No. 1824, Dongfang Road, Pudong New District( 200 meters south from the Exit 3 of Children’s Hospital Centre Subway Station)

Telephone: 021-5076185, 021-50750301

Postal code: 1005

Guangzhou Tianhe Center

Address: 1 / f, building B, shengya business center, no.107, west sports road, tianhe district, guangzhou city

Telephone: +86-20-38550581

Postal code: 1003

Guangzhou Yuexiu Center

Address: Dongfang qiyin, 3rd Floor, Heye Plaza, No. 486, Kangwang Middle Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Telephone: +86-20-83192606

Postal code: 1002

Shenzhen Futian Center

Address: 3/F,ZongHe Building,Bi Jing Yuan,81 Jing Tian Road, Futian, Shenzhen, China (Exit A of Jingtian Subway Station)

Telephone: +86-755-83873551

Postal code: 1001

Shenzhen Baoan Center

Address: Room 301~309, Building B, Beijiang Daxing Building (Tianfu An Commercial Building), Chuangye No.2 Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen City

Telephone: +86-755-23729553

Postal code: 1011

Dongguan Dongcheng Center

Address: Room 603, Van’s Department Stores F6, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City

Telephone: +86-769-22241851

Postal code: 1010

Foshan Zumiao Center

Address: Second Floor, No. 80 Renmin Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City

Telephone: +86-757-86310891

Postal code: 1007

Changsha Kaifu Center

Address: The second floor of changsha core (citic bank), 429 furong middle road, kaifu district

Telephone: +86-731-85366808 / +86-731-85362808

Postal code: 1012

Wuhan Wuchang Center

Address: F2, 208, S-1 Building,Kaileguiyuan, Huquan street, Hongshan District, Wuhan

Telephone: +86-27-87736623

Postal code: 1006

Wuhan Hankou Center

Address: F4, Heyuan Children Commercial Plaza, Xianggang Road No. 153, Jiangan District, Wuhan City

Telephone: +86-27-85616167 / +86-27-65385945

Postal code: 1013

Nanjing Gulou Center

Address: No. 402 Jinlun Xintiandi, Hanzhong Road No. 8, Gulou District, Nanjing City

Telephone: +86-25-83326512

Postal code: 1009

Chongqing Yuzhong Center

Address: No. 4-8~4-11, F4, Daping Kant's International Office, Jingwei Road No. 333, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City.

Telephone: +86-23-68809272 / +86-23-68809382

Postal code: 1014

Shenzhen Chegongmiao Center

Address: 2C, Block 6, F2, Tianzhan Mansion, Tian’an Digital City, Futian District, Shenzhen.

Telephone: 4008818831

Postal code: 1022

Beijing Luoke Center

Address: Rm302-306,Building A, Luoke Times Center, 103 Huizhongli, Chaoyang District

Telephone: +86-10-53703755 / +86-10-53703754

Postal code: 1015

Guangzhou Weiduoli Center

Address: F2, A1-A3, Building A, Shengya Business Center, 107, Tiyuxi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Telephone: +86-20-38837966

Postal code: 1016

Hangzhou xiacheng Center

Address: 27-2, 2nd Floor, Building 15, Fengqi Garden, Fengqi Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou (Metro: Exit F of Jianguo North Road, Line 2)

Telephone: +86-571-85182883

Postal code: 1017

Dongguan Nancheng Center

Address: F3, No.7 Zone, First International Fortune Center, Dongguan avenue, Nancheng District. ( Hongfu Road Metro Station Exit B, next to the Tee Mall)

Telephone: +86-769-23605397

Postal code: 1018

Shanghai Pudong Center

Address: 1812, Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai City

Telephone: +86-21-50391056

Postal code: 1019

Nanjing Fenghuang Center

Address: 201, Phoenix International Plaza, No. 389, Zhongyang Road, Gulou District, Nanjing,China.

Telephone: +86-25-86218689

Postal code: 1020

Wuhan Jianghan Center

Address: 2F-B7, Xiyuan Commercial Street, No.100, Wansongyuan Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan, China.

Telephone: +86-27-85777099 +86-27-85776566

Postal code: 1021

Dongguan guancheng OMP Center

Address: Third floor, 2, diwang plaza, no.2, dongwang avenue, dongcheng district, dongguan city

Telephone: 0769-22888602 / 22888491

Postal code: 1023

SuZhou Center

Address: Block-B, 4558D Quanjing Mansion, No. 199 South Guangji Road, Gusu District, Suzhou.

Telephone: 0512-68637249

Postal code: 1024

Hefei Yaohai Center

Address: F2005, JOY CITY JOY FAMILY,Shengli Road,Yaohai District,Hefei City, Anhui Province. 

Telephone: 400-881-8831

Postal code: 1025

Qingdao South Center

Address: 2nd Floor, Seao International Mansion, No. 30, Hong Kong Middle Road, Shinan District, Tsingtao, Shandong Province.

Telephone: 0532-55727018/ 0532-55727019

Postal code: 1027

Shanghai Changning Center

Address: F2,203A,Bulidng No.2, Shenya Time Square, 18, Tianshanxi road,Changning District, Shanghai

Telephone: 400-881-8831

Postal code: 1027

Beijing Haidian Center

Address: A02, Block A, 3rd Floor, Jiahao International Center, No. 116, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

Telephone: 010-58930273/ 010-58930132

Postal code: 1029

Chongqing yingli center

Address: L305A, IMIXPark,NO.19,Daping Main Street,Yuzhong District, Chongqing.

Telephone: 023-63609751

Postal code: 1030

Chengdu qingyang Center

Address: No. 205 & 201., 2nd Floor, China Railway West Capital New World, No. 486, Guanghua East 3rd Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu.

Telephone: 028-63854618

Postal code: 1031

Shanghai Puxi Center

Address: Floor 2, building 3, No.50 Qixin road, Minhang district, Shanghai

Telephone: 021-52235392

Postal code: 1032

Fuzhou Taijiang Center

Address: 3rd Floor, Yaohe Wuyi Mansion, No. 233 Wuyi Middle Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City

Telephone: 0591-87515396 0591-87516059

Postal code: 1033

Zhengzhou Guancheng Center

Address: F2, Building 1, Fuhua Mansion, 59 Dongda street, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City.(Metro: Line 2, Dongda street Stop, Exit E. 500 meters walking distance)

Telephone: 4008818831

Postal code: 1035

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