Our History


  • Feb.12th

    Grand opening of Shenzhen Che Kung Temple Center.

  • Jan.6th

    Grand opening of Foshan zumiao Center.


  • Nov.18th

    Grand opening of Chengdu qingyang Center.

  • Nov.4th

    The Eleventh Anniversary of OST

  • Oct.23rd

    Grand opening of Chongqing yingli Center.

  • Sep.25th

    Grand opening of Shenzhen baoan Center.

  • Jul.9th

    Grand opening of Qingdao Center.

  • May.28th

    Grand opening of Shanghai changning Center.

  • May.14th

    Grand opening of Hefei yaohai Center.

  • Apr.23rd

    Grand opening of Suzhou gusu Center.


  • Dec.18th

    Grand opening of Dongguan Guancheng OMP Flagship Center.

  • Sep.23rd

    Grand opening of Wuhan STAR Flagship Center.

  • Sep.16th

    Grand opening of Shenzhen STAR Flagship Center.

  • Aug.19th

    Grand opening of Nanjing Phoenix Flagship Center.

  • Jun.19th

    Grand opening of Dongguan Nancheng STAR Center.

  • Jun.11th

    Establishment of Hangzhou Shangcheng Center.

  • May.16th

    In April 2017, the OST Futian center officially became the designated institution for rehabilitation training for disabled people in Shenzhen, through the Shenzhen federation of disabled people and Shenzhen children's hospital and the expert evaluation of the city's second hospital.

  • Apr.2nd

    In the tenth “World Autism Day” approaching, OST joint the happiness tomorrow special fund of the China population welfare foundation, launched "ten thousand free screening, one thousand free lectures" autism early intervention of public plan on the main ten cities.

  • Feb.12th

    Grand opening of "OST Guangzhou STAR Center". The STAR founder Joel Arick with expert team also in Guangzhou, at Guangzhou Tianhe campus opening ceremony was unveiled STAR center, at the same time will also be watching for a week of assessment, planning, layer upon layer the teaching supervision and direction of control.

  • Feb.4th

    The Futian Center in Shenzhen opened for New Year.


  • Dec.25th

    Grand opening of "OST Beijing STAR Center". OST STAR center is the SAS (STAR Autism Support) in China and the Asia-pacific region, the only official certification center. According to the characteristics of autistic children in China, integration of SAS, the international advanced technology and resources, make domestic high-end family to experience the most professional of the pure authentic American STAR Autism professional course and strategy skills.

  • Oct.29th

    On October 29, OST celebrated the ninth anniversary of the Thanksgiving celebration and awards ceremony at the Shengting-Garden hotel in Shenzhen. At the scene of the celebration, OST leaders at all levels, the directors and the parents from Shenzhen Futian,Baoan, and travelling all over the country center of employee representatives, parents delegates gathered to, and keep in front of the picture at the national center for fourteen nearly thousands of parents, was established to celebrate the 9th anniversary of OST. Shenzhen TV station, Guangdong TV station, Tencent Big Cantonese network and others have carried out detailed reports on the activities, calling on the whole society to focus on special children.

  • Oct.16th

    Establishment of Chongqing Yuzhong Center.

  • Sep.25th

    Establishment of Wuhan Hankou Center.

  • Aug.6th

    Establishment of Changsha Kaifu Center.

  • Jun.19th

    Establishment of Shenzhen Baoan Center.

  • May.28th

    Joined CIFTIS and got award of “Special Education Contribution ” Award .

  • Apr.17th

    OST participated in a charity event“2016 Smile of Happiness "– Help Out Children with Cleft Palate with Alliance for Smile (US) and Chinese Population Welfare Foundation.

  • Jan.23rd

    Establishment of Dongguan Dongcheng Center.

  • Jan.17th

    Establishment of Nanjing Gulou Center.


  • Aug.1st

    Dean of the Department of Speech Language Pathology, university of Newcastle, Australia, Professor Sally Hewat, visited Shenzhen and Guangzhou centers. In progress of discussion cooperation in staff training.

  • Jul.26th

    Establishment of Wuhan Wuchang Center.

  • Jul.5th

    Establishment of Foshan Nanhai Center.

  • Jun.28th

    Establishment of Shanghai Puxi Center.

  • May.29th

    Former Australian Prime Minister Mark Vaile visited OST Shanghai Pudong Center.


  • Oct.30th

    Establishment of Guangzhou Tianhe Center.

  • Oct.29th

    Establishment of Beijing Chaoyang Center.

  • Oct.28th

    Reached strategic cooperation with 123 Australia Education Group and Finnish Institute of International Education.

  • Jun.28th

    Establishment of Shanghai Pudong Center.


  • Jan.1st

    Built O2O and online video teaching platform with expended service range.


  • Dec.1st

    Held 5th“International Children Speech and Language Development Conference”

  • Nov.1st

    A speech therapy seminar was held across the country to train doctors, therapists and more than 2000 parents in more than and 300 hospitals and institutions.

  • Oct.28th

    Establishment of Guangzhou Yuexiu Center.

  • May.1st

    Held 6th “ International Children Speech and Language Development Conference” Combined with children's Hospital of Shenzhen City, experts from maternal and child health and kindergarten doctors, to provide talent of kindergartens and schools for Speech and Language therapy industry. This is an important step towards OST in the education industry training and trains a large number of Speech and Language development professionals in the educational field.


  • Oct.1st

    Held 3rd and 4th “International Children Speech and Language Development Conference”


  • Oct.28th

    Establishment of Shenzhen Futian Center

  • Jun.1st

    Held second International Children's Speech-language Development Conference.

  • May.1st

    Introduced teaching ideas and instruments from UK and developed 30 sets of multi-sensory training courses under the guidance of experts of UK, which applies in normal children and children with autism, deaf, develop Intellectual Disability and other children with speech and communication disorders.


  • Oct.27th

    JV with China Disabled Persons' Federation Huaxia Group, has researched and become agents of foreign products and product-related services.

  • Oct.1st

    Held the 1st International SL Development Conference, and invited the founder of American oral-motor therapy SRJ methods, Sara Johnson, to provide handson training on topics of three steps of oral-motor replacement and articulation therapy.


  • Oct.28th

    The first trial center is established in Foshan, Guangdong. It is the first professional Speech and Language therapy institution. By training of a group of professional speech and language therapy team and application of new technology, we aims to completely changed the traditional speech therapy.


  • Oct.28th

    OST officially registered in Hong Kong, cooperated with Hong Kong therapist team to develop treatment for Children's comprehension, logical expression and other areas of needs.